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How it works

Meet DineSmart, the leading online food ordering system designed to give your restaurant a competitive edge

Branded Mobile Apps

Keep up with the competition with custom-built iPhone and Android restaurant apps that are branded to your business. DineSmart mobile apps showcase your logo and food, creating the ultimate brand experience from mobile, to web, to in-store.


Website Ordering

Give your customers the ability to order directly from your website, rather than routing them to a third party site that lists you among competitors. (and takes a commission on all of your orders)

dinesmart POS

Streamline your operations with the easy-to-use DineSmart POS that frees your staff from the phones and allows you to take an unlimited number of orders all at once.



Take ownership of your to-go business with access to data from all of your orders, old and new. Pull reports, view top spenders, and customize your menu all from your own DineSmart management portal.

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